This is how you can find the bridal dress of your dreams:

I always invite the brides to be to visit me in the atelier. Together we can try different example dresses and check out diffrent materials. This is the way one can have the best idea what design, what pattern and what material is the best for her. The dress can be put together like a puzzle: sleeves from here, pattern from there, material from the other example etc. Finally I draw a scetch of the idea with all the tiny details.

It takes four steps to reach for the right dress:

  • Try on different example dresses in the atelier

  • Choose the pattern, design and material

  • I draw the scetch of the dress and take the measurments

  • We agree the schedule of the try ons

Depending of the workload the periods of the preparation of the dress vary between two or four weeks. If the material needs to be ordered then the period is extended accordingly.

Don`t be like the rest of them, darling!