Old school natural wool

In my yarn stash, that is bigger than in a medium yarn store, there are lots of skeins of old natural wool. Probably from old soviet times, from the 80-s. Those have been in my cupboard for ages as I haven`t had the will to wash it, dry it, wind

Crochet hat with nupps

Two skeins of extra soft Lana Gatto CLASS yarn (80% merino 20% angora) were dieing to become a hat.  I poked the skeins with knitted pins as long as I suddenly crabbed my crochet hook and then it happened! Some time ago I made similar hat for a friend. Now

Black “must-have”

I have been promising to knit one “simple-black-to-wear-with-any-outfit” cardi for at least 30 years now. As much as I wasn`t trying, always something else fell off my knitting pins. So finally it still happened – a simple black cardi! How hard was it!?


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