Today there is the last part of the scarf pattern. The wide part with the hearts plus edge lace.

I was not able to fit the heart pattern to one page hence it is in two parts. I hope it is still readable and possible to fit together by the numbers. I really,I promise,  will try to better my computer skills. Currently I am much better in knitting than writing-scanning the patterns. Hence the woebegone picture.


One of my kind readers pointed my attention to the unfortunate fact that there were mistakes in the pattern. The yarn overs were missing. The mistake was so obvious and I missed it! I am so-so sorry! Now the yarn overs are marked red on the pattern.

My deepest appologies! And most sincere thanks to the open-eyed knitter-reader who drew my attention to it!

The numbers between the arrows that are marked before and after the pattern parts show the number of stitches between the centre stitch and edge stitches.

The hearts pattern repeat is 20 stitches.

I suggest to use the garter stitch for last four rows as marked in the pattern. Otherwise the edge of the scarf may start curl up. Actually the whole edge lace can be knitted garter stitch. This is very much a question of taste. The thinner the yarn the less it plays a significant role. So one can make the edge how it feels better and looks better.

The measurements of the scarf depend on the thickness of the yarn and number of the pins. The biggest scarf is made of double fold Drops Lace, using knitting pins no. 3,5.

If you use the thin wool yarn , there is no visible difference either you use it double fold or not. Of course one can vary with the sizes of the pins.

For the gray scarf I used thin wool with smaller pins and for the mint green I used double fold yarn with larger pins. Hence the scarves are pretty much the same size.

To finish the scarf you need to stretch it. I usually stretch the wet scarf on my bed with headpins.

If you have any questions or comments about the pattern please dont hesitate to ask. You can contact me here via comments or via my FB page Vivrut Designs.

You can also try to knit the scarf of cotton yarn! Would`nt be lovely to have a cotton scarf to cover your shoulders during a hot summer day!

Wish you an enjoyable knitting!