In my yarn stash, that is bigger than in a medium yarn store, there are lots of skeins of old natural wool. Probably from old soviet times, from the 80-s. Those have been in my cupboard for ages as I haven`t had the will to wash it, dry it, wind them into balls…

But one day I desided just to do it!

It is amazing how much whiter the yarn got after the wash. The rinsing water was ugly! I used usual hair shampoo this time, as I didnt find the bottle of special wool shampoo, that I had bought a while ago. Typical me. The shampoo I used is against hair loss, well the yarn should stay extra strong now, I guess.

Sometimes I have rinsed the yarn with hair conditioner aswell. But as you can guess, I didn´t find any of this at home this time either. I have totally run out of any hair condtitioner. So I had to skip this step.But I certainly can rinse the knitted items sometimes later when they need their wash.

And then I could not keep my pins off the yarn! At first I managed to knit one triangular scarf again. So many of those lately. The pattern was made by me a while ago and I modified it a little.

The yarn is thin but much thicker than usual Haapsalu shawl yarn. I cannot exactly say but I guess it is 2 or 3 times thicker. …rather 3 times though…

I cannot cope without nupps of course! The nupps are like a drug for me, I am addicted! The more the better!

I am pretty amazed though that the yarn is not as itchy as I would had guessed. Usually I cannot wear thiskind of natural lambs wool against my skin at all. I think the people are fakeers who wear woollen socks on their bare foot! It is totally unthinkable for me! My yarn has to be baby-alpaca-cashmere-angora and desirably combed and brushed and extra softened. Then it maybe does not tingle… maybe.

Well but this woollen scarf can be worn on the shoulders nicely. I would not put it against my skin though. I am afraid, I would scratch myself to abraded.

As I have so much of this yarn I decided to make something extra big aswell. I loaded the stitches on my pins and took example from one Haapsalu scarf pattern. I like the octagons in Estonian patterns. Hence the bordure of the blanket. Other patterns I designed myself.

The edge lace is woven on. I just cannot manage to sew it on as it is traditionally made for Haapsalu scarfs. The work is just mad in my opinion. I mean casting on the stitches. I dont like casting on at all and if I have to cast on like 1000 or more stitches!? Come on! Well so picking up the stitches from the edge is so much more me.

The lazy invents! So my edge laces are mainly woven.

I invented also the pattern of the edge lace. But it always turns out a little bit different that I have designed previously on the paper. So it was this time. The pattern usually designs itself on the go.

And finally one pretty huge blanket turned out. It is handy to wrap your children in it so they would stay in place and warm!