Two skeins of extra soft Lana Gatto CLASS yarn (80% merino 20% angora) were dieing to become a hat.  I poked the skeins with knitted pins as long as I suddenly crabbed my crochet hook and then it happened!

Some time ago I made similar hat for a friend. Now tried to remember it but with variations.

Well, it is one very much used design of a hat and I don`t absolutely pretend that it is mine. Just my variation of it. The inspiration is from the bottomless internet of course, but where from exactly I can´t unfortunately remember.

Well, and while I was in the mood already I decided to give another one to go. Now I chose Drops Puna yarn, that is 100% alpaca. Crochet hook no 3. For more sensitive guys it may be a bit scratchy. It cannot happen with the merino-angora version though. Otherwise the Puna is one helluva good, warm and soft yarn. And the thing I like the most about the Drops yarns is the relationship between their quality and price.